5 Instagram Themes You’ll Be Sure to Love: & How to Create Them

Themes are a very large part of the many features of Instagram.  Themes provide a nice and clean look on your profile, and they can determine how popular you can get.  To some people, Instagram Themes are extremely important to having a profile, and some are very skilled in creating the perfect and cleanest theme.  To others, themes are very difficult to create and keep up with.

In this post, I will list my top 5 favorite themes that I have all used at one time or another.  These themes usually involve much editing, and very little apps as well.  Hopefully, you can find one theme you particularly like, and learn how to use it and apply it to your very own Instagram feed!


  1. The White Look



Apps Used:

  • FaceTune
  • VSCO Cam

This theme is very common among many popular Instagram accounts.  It provides a very clean, clear, and bright look to your profile.  This app does require both apps used above.  FaceTune does cost money, however, and it is $3.99 on all Apple devices.  Although this app is costly, you will not regret our purchase.  I myself use this app for all of my photos, and it can brighten, whiten, and patch up any feature of a photo.

For this theme, I first lightened up the photo in FaceTune.  I went filters, then to lighting, and the most common lighting features I use are Lighter, Expose, Brighten, Sigmoid, and Gamma.  After brightening up the photo, I went to the most common feature of the app, the Whitening tool.  From this tool, I whitened up the clouds in the photo, to give a brighter and cleaner look.

After I finished FaceTune, I went to VSCO Cam, a very common and free filter app.  In this app, I simply applied no filter.  Instead, I increased Exposure +1, Contrast +1, and Tint +1.  This helped brighten up and contrast the photo.



2. Darkened Theme

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Apps Used:

  • FaceTune
  • VSCO Cam

This theme could be applied to a profile most commonly during the autumn, to keep in contrast with the season.  This theme can give more darkness and contrast to your profile, and can be perfect if you’re looking for a less brighter theme.  This theme does not necessarily need FaceTune, but having the app helps.

First, I opened the photo in FaceTune to darken the photo.  I went to filters, then to lighting, and from there I used Darken, Blacken, and S-Curve.  This helped darken up the photo to be less bright and less clean.

After FaceTune, I opened the photo in VSCO Cam.  From here, I applied the 46 Preset filter at +10.  From there on, I applied Contrast +2, and Exposure -2.  This darkened the photo and made it more suitable for the theme.


3. The Colored Theme


Apps Used:

  • VSCO Cam

This is another very common and popular theme among many Instagram users, because it provides much color and brightness to a theme.  This theme only uses one app, but going into FaceTune to whiten up any spots could also provide a much brighter theme.

In VSCO Cam, I went to the very popular filter for this theme, which is C1.  I chose C1 +10 Preset, Exposure +2, Contrast +2, Saturation +2, and Tint +1.  This provides a very simply, easy, and colorful photo for your Instagram theme.  Many popular social media users use this theme, and now you can too!


4. Darkened and Lightened Theme

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Apps Used:

  • VSCO Cam

This theme is a combination of both bright and dark themes, and the combination makes a very clean and confident Instagram theme.  Using this theme could be a very nice addition to a profile.

In VSCO Cam, I used on of the most popular preset filter, which is HB2.  I proceeded to apply HB2 +10 Preset, Contrast +1, Vignette +3, and Exposure +1.  This theme lightened up the photo, but also darkened the frame with the use of the Vignette tool.  Using this theme can give you a very unique Instagram theme, and your profile can for sure differ from everyone else’s.


5. Black and White Theme

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Apps Used:

  • VSCO Cam

This theme is very easy to do, in fact, it is very uncommon to use for an Instagram theme.  Although, the theme could create a very simple and old-fashioned look to your profile.  The app listed above is very recommended for the certain filter used.  Hopefully you can find some joy in this theme, and apply it your own profile.

Upon opening the photo in VSCO Cam, I immediately applied my favorite Black and White filter, B5 +10 Preset.  Afterwards, I only applied Exposure +1 and Contrast +2.  Like I said, an extremely simple theme.

This theme is less commonly to be used, but it can make a nice photo from time to time, especially if you strictly have a B&W photo.


Now that you’ve learned how to create my favorite Instagram themes, hopefully you can apply to your own feed!  Please tag me at @candidlydarling on Instagram, I would love to see your use of these themes in your own profile.  Have fun filtering, Instagram frenzies!

What’s your favorite filter for Instagram?

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