Mia Wallace ‘Pulp Fiction’ DIY Halloween Costume

With Halloween being tomorrow, I have just today pulled together this very last-minute costume.  I decided to share it with you, and maybe this very easy costume could be an inspiration to some of you!

In the past few years I have only dressed up for my school’s costume day, where we are allowed to wear our Halloween costumes.  As I myself am a very busy and last-minute person, I always manage to throw something together last minute.  This year, I have decided to dress up as the iconic Mia Wallace from the 1994 classic ‘Pulp Fiction’.

(Shoutout to my family who always say my hair looks like Uma Thurman’s!)

All of these clothing pieces are very easy to find, and you may find all of them in your own closet.  They are all ‘required’ clothes one may always have in the closet, but putting them together, they can make this very classic look.



Since I had cut my hair short in August for the bobbed hairstyle, I thought this costume would be fairly easy with my ‘Mia’ hairstyle I do everyday as it is.  (Disclaimer: I actually got my hair styled after one of my favorite films ‘Shampoo’ because I absolutely fell in love with Julie Christie’s hair in that movie!)  To start off with my hair, I simply curled it inwards as I always do, and applied much hairspray so no parts of my fair would flip outwards.


Next, I managed to find the clothing in my own closet.  All the clothing I used has been recycled clothes I’ve had for quite sometime now, therefore this was a very homemade costume.  The following is all required for this specific outfit, very simple I may add!

  • White Long-Sleeved Blouse, unbuttoned at top and bottom
  • Black Tank Top
  • Black leggings or pants of any kind
  • High Heels (optional)

Like I said, this outfit is very simple!

Although my blouse was a bit larger (wrong sizing!) it still worked great in my opinion!  All the combined clothing worked so well together, and it fit so well for the character.  I couldn’t be happier with my closet findings!



Next off, is the makeup look.  I tried to do the ‘imperfect’ look Mia gives off in the movie,  for it’s only a casual dinner scene she wears the look in.  The following are products that must be applied to complete the look:

  • Dark Red Lipstick (NYC Lip Lacquer)
  • Black Eyeliner (Stila)
  • Black Mascara (NYC)
  • Light Pink Eyeshadow (Covergirl)
  • Powder
  • Concealer
  • Foundation

Nothing too fancy to do, just the simple steps to an everyday look perhaps.  Putting it all together, it has a great contrast with the outfit.  Kudos to the costume designers of Pulp Fiction!

I am very excited to wear this costume tomorrow, it is for sure one of my favorites I’ve ever done!  All of these items were completely free for me, and they most likely are for you, too.  I will definitely be giving Pulp Fiction a well deserved watch after this DIY look!

What are you being for Halloween this year? I want to see! Comment below or tweet me your costumes at @candidlydarling! Have fun on this spooky holiday!

Some more photos I manged to take!


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