Autumn Shopping Haul

Yesterday I had the lovely privilege to go shopping with my mother.  Shopping with her is always fun because we can show each other what kind of styles we both love, and most times quite different!  Oh did I mention that the bonding of shopping with your mom is nice too?

Anyway, I managed to buy some really cute (and really cozy!) clothes for some extremely cheap prices!  I have been wanting to go shopping for over a week now and I am so glad I did, because now I feel very prepared for the rest of Autumn and the beginning of Winter.  This post will be a combined shopping haul and outfit of the week!

Disclaimer: I think I will make Outfit of The Week posts once a month from now on!


Outfit #1: Poncho



When I first spotted this red and grey poncho, I fell in love!  It is so soft and extremely warm!  I’ve already worn it out and it’s like having a blanket over me.  Poncho’s have become my new favorite style in autumn, they look stylish and they feel so cozy.

I am so glad to have gotten this poncho for a very cheap price I may add.  Only $6!  I am looking forward to wearing this poncho over much of my clothing through the rest of Autumn and Winter!

Outfit #2: Cardigan and Long-Sleeved Shirt:




I have been wanting cardigans like these for some time now.  I have seen so many fashion bloggers wearing them, and they look so stylish!  I found some very cheap ones while shopping and finally bought this one.  It’s a bit thicker and warmer than every other extremely thin cardigan.  It does after all tend to get very cold where I live in the winter time.

Along with it, I bought this long-sleeved shirt.  It isn’t anything too special, but I just loved the color scheme of it.  It reminds me of a cookies n’creme look.  When I put it with the cardigan, it looked very fitting to me!  So, I of course bought the whole outfit to wear together whenever I go out!


Outfit #3: Yellow Cardigan and Scarf Attach-On:


This last, but certainly not least, outfit is my favorite of all the things I bought!  When I first spotted it, it immediately caught my eye, and I knew I just had to buy it!  This outfit is filled with attach-ones, but all are also easily removable!  It comes with a black undershirt, attached with this yellowish orange long cardigan.  Accessories that came with it are a silver necklace (which I am glad about because I usually never wear jewelry with my outfits!) and a red multi-colored silk scarf.

This outfit works so well with the black pants I was wearing at the time, and I am so happy with this purchase.  It really was the highlight of my shopping!  I am highly looking forward to wearing this outfit out to dinner with family sometime.  I will definitely be making an outfit post when I do!


Which of these outfits I bought is your favorite?  Or do you have a certain new Autumn buy that you’re in love with?  Tell me in the comments or tweet me at @candidlydarling on Twitter! I would love to hear you’re feedback!


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