The Beauty of Differences 

One thing I’ve learned in my life is a very big thing people must understand: everyone is different. I myself am different from many people I know because of my personal interests in music and entertainment in general. Recently though, I’ve been aware of the beauty of differences between people.  Today’s blogpost is dedicated you being different, which by itself is a true gift. Who would want to be completely normal and plain anyway?


While having lunch with my best friend this past weekend, I realized something in our friendship that I never had before: our differences.  We both love the same things, Broadway being a main, and I honestly thought for a while that we were practically the same person.  Boy, was I wrong.  This is not a bad thing.  After dishing out our differences in opinions on certain subjects, we agreed not to bring up some topics again, politics being a main.  I personally do not discuss my political views with my friends or online, because I feel it only brings out negativity and judgement.  Especially when your views are different that others.

The wonderful part about learning how different my best friend and I are, was coming to the realization that mostly all of my friends are much different that I as well!  For example, my other best friend and I are completely different, yet we remain friends.  As long as you are a good friend to someone, differences shouldn’t matter.  Being a good friend means being there for that person thick through thin.  Literally.

When my grandmother passed away a while back, many of my friends did not know how to comfort me.  Simply being put, they had never experienced a great loss of someone they were close to.  Therefore, they did not know how I was feeling or how to react towards me.  This is okay too.  Sometimes, we may be feeling emotions that our friends may have no idea what it feels like, and doesn’t know how to comfort us.  That is quite alright, as long as we know that they still love and care for us deeply.

Friends are one of the greatest gifts that God can grant us.  I myself have little to none at school, and therefore I am grateful for the friends I do have.  Mainly, my friends lie within theatre, where we all share similarities as we are doing the same thing: performing.  Theatre families are always close, let me tell you, I cannot express this more!!  Here is where there will be similarities.  Many years ago, during my very first vocal group lesson, someone in the class said something that I still keep in my mind to this day; “We’re all doing it, what is there to worry about?”.

If we are all doing the same thing, there should be no judgement towards one another.  This goes for bloggers, too.  The blogging and theatre communities are two of the kindest societies of people I have ever witnessed, and I am so proud to be among them both.  We bloggers can have our opinions, but we certainly should not judge someone else’s blogs publicly for simply not liking their theme or how they write.  Everyone has their own way of doing things.

I enjoy being different, and everyone should.  We need o accept that no matter how hard we try to be just like someone, we are still our own original selves.  We all have flaws, we all make mistakes, and we are all capable of being the best we can be.

In conclusion, I would definitely say to not go around expecting to finding people just like ourselves, you’ll be very disappointed.  On the other hand though, there are also many moments when we can also have many similarities with someone at the same time.  Go out and be kind, and treat others how you would like to be treated, it really counts.


Oh, and here’s a little inspiring quote while we’re at it.



Have you ever experienced a moment where you realize you have many differences with a good friend of yours?  Let me know in the comments or tweet me @candidlydarling I would love to hear!


One Reply to “The Beauty of Differences ”

  1. This is so beautifully written! I completely agree that we shouldn’t expect people to be just like ourselves – it’s impossible as we are all individuals with our own traits. Everyone reacts differently to situations so just because it’s not how we would react, doesn’t mean that their reaction is wrong; I think that’s something that I really need to remember more. This is such a lovely post, thank you for sharing it xx

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