Why I Love Autumn/Winter

This is my absolute favorite time of year for many reasons.  I mean, who doesn’t love Autumn?  Winter could be very understandable, especially if you despise the freezing cold weather.  But Autumn, i’s something so cozy and warm, and it just makes you want to curl up in bed with a hot chocolate.  But let’s be real, most of us do this year round!

People who love Autumn are mainly bloggers of course, because I feel this is the perfect time of the year for fun seasonal posts.  Especially now with Blogmas approaching quickly (which I will be doing this year, starting December st!).  Despite all of the aesthetic photos to be taken, or the pumpkin spice lattes, there are many reasons one could love this time of year.  Here are my top 5!

  1. Color Scheme

Something about all the orange and brown leaves, really gives inspiration to everything Autumn.  From clothes to makeup looks, the color schemes seem to always be a great trend for the season.  These colors definitely catch your eye, and seeing them any other time of year defiantly makes you automatically think of Autumn.

Oh, the beautiful colors!


2.Warm Drinks

Colder weather means warmer everything, and that includes your drinks too!  Personally, I have never liked coffee or lattes of any sort, but Pumpkin Spice Lattes are always the trademark thing of Autumn, so it seems.  Besides that, many people also resort to Tea and Hot Chocolate.  Both of these can always warm you body and mind on a chilly day, they’re so relieving after a long day.  What would be Autumn or Winter without them?


3. Clothing

Of course, the clothing layers double up on everyone at this time of year.  Everyone immediately goes shopping for sweaters, scarves, and coats as soon as the very first hint of cold!  Or, at least I did last week!  Some of my favorite styles this year are definitely ponchos and long scarves.  They’re so stylish and fashionable!  Oh, and they work great with literally anything you could wear.  But I must say, from my own poncho experience, they’re truly amazing!

4. Snow

Such a touchy subject to some people, but come on, who doesn’t love seeing snow for the first time in the season?  I have not yet seen snow where I live, but boy am I excited to sometime hopefully soon!  I absolutely adore the white color scheme being everywhere, it really warms my heart, even when it’s cold out!  And if there’s one thing that I know snow reminds me of, is that Christmas is quickly approaching!


5. Seasonal Spirit

Everyone who’s anyone loves Christmas.  I mean, how could you not?  Christmas is the time of year when family and friends can get together and appreciate each other.  It it such a beautiful holiday for many reasons, and not just the color schemes!  Whether it’s your favorite Christmas traditions, shopping for loved ones, or receiving presents, Christmas has something for everyone it seems!


What are your main reasons you love the Autumn/Winter season?  Tell me in the comments or tweet me @candidlydarling I would love to hear!




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