3 Blogger Chats Every Blogger Should Join

pm m currently writing this, with a hot chocolate in hand, the other typing, and my Classical Essentials Spotify playlist on blast.  For reasons honestly unknown, I ahve been feeling quite down this week.  Mainly, I have recently been missing my late Scottish proud grandmother a lot recently.  But besides that, my week hasn’t really been the best.  Although, the one thing that has been lifting my spirits a little each day, is the Twitter Blogger Chats.

If there is one way I have recieved the most traffic on my blog, it is through the lovely app of Twitter.  On there, i have discovered the most loving and supportive blogging commnity I think I could have ever found, and I am so grateful for that as a Blogger.  Having support to write ab0ut the subjects that inspire me, is really something special.

Today, I will discuss my three favorite Twitter Chat Sessions, mainly because they are the most positive chats I take part in.  Of curse, all chats on Twitter are lovely and suportive, and I give a personal shout out to everyone who has the time of day to host one.  I have honestly met the nicest bloggers through these chats, and for that reasons, these three are my favorites.



Hosted every Tuesday at 9PM, Thursday at 8PM, and Sunday at 9PM.  This chat is one of the most wonderful group of bloggers out there.  I look forward to taking part in every chat, because they honestly make my day.  Plus, many feminine feel as well!  Kuddos to everyone who runs or hosts the account, the chats are very well done!


#lbloggers @LbloggersChat

Hosted evWednesday and Sunday at 7PM.  This was the very first Blogger chat I ever discovered, and I am so glad I did!  This account is not only wonderful for retweeting your blogposts, but their chats are always positive and loving.  Such a lovely environment, and I found some of my favorite Bloggers who had hosted chats through this account.  This account is a must follow for any Blogger!


#tbhchat @thebloggershub_

Hosted every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7PM.  Once more, this was one of the first chats I discovered.  This account has retweeted many of my blogposts, resulting in some wonderful traffic during my first posts!  I am very grateful for this account, and their lovely chat sessions as well.  Their chats are always loving and full of kind Bloggers who are only out to support one another.  Well done to everyone who runs the account and those who host the chats!


And don’t forget to follow my Twitter, @candidlydarling

What are your favorite Twitter Blogger Chats?  Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @candidlydarling I would love to discover some new ones!


14 Replies to “3 Blogger Chats Every Blogger Should Join”

  1. Sorry that you aren’t feeling great, I hope you start to feel better soon. There are some great chats out there, the two that I usually get involved in are Bloggers Unite and Blogosphere but recently I have seen the #GRLPOWR chat and you are totally right that there are so many nice bloggers out there. I’m glad I found your blog xx

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  2. I’m still fairly new to the whole blogging world and to these Twitter chats, but I’m planning on being more active in the upcoming ones – I’ve even put notifications on my phone, haha. I have joined a few of the TeacupClub chats already, and I have to say that I really loved those! That’s also where I discovered your blog; you hosted the very first Twitter chat I ever joined.


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