Gift Guide Series: Home Must Haves

Well, Christmas season is officially here!  It is the lovely time of year that almost everyone enjoys, mainly because it is so festive and cozy.  I myself am thrilled that it is this time of year, but to me it has seemed to have approached so fast!  It feels like it was New Years Eve just yesterday!

Throughout the entire month of December, I will be taking part in Blogmas!  This is an entire month of Christmas-themed posts, and I couldn’t be more excited!  To kick off Blogmas, I decided to start a few days early, because I’m too impatient to wait, and I have so many fun things planned.  Without further a do, I present my very first Christmas Gift Guide (be gentle on me, it is my first ever!), and hopefully you can find something you love well enough to buy or become inspired!  Enjoy!


  1. My Life Story – So Far

This journal gives you prompts for recording your life’s experiences, relationships and hard-won wisdom.

I  fell in love with this very cute and sentimental idea the minute I saw it!  It was a very thoughtful gift in my opinion, and I myself would love to receive something like it.  It can function as a journal in a way, and everyone could use a journal to jot down thoughts and experiences every now and then! A wonderful buy. in my opinion!



2. 60 Hour Candle

This buzzworthy, coiled beeswax candle is designed to burn longer than traditional shapes.

Who doesn’t love candles around Christmas time?  The smell fills your house with gingerbread or various different festive scents, it is so lovely, and can really bring you in the Christmas spirit!  Especially, when you have a candle that lasts this long!



3. Gummy Bear Lights

These cute, LED light-up bears will brighten up any space with a squeeze of their gummy bellies.

These might be the most adorable things I have ever seen!  I mean come on, gummy nears shaped as lights, how cute is that?  I am in love with these adorable lights, and I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t be. Well, maybe if you dislike gummy bears of course!


4. Bedside Essentials Pocket

Keep your bedside or couch-cuddling essentials handy with this convenient felt pouch.

I don’t know about you, but I have quite a boring side when it comes to my nightstand.  This bedside pocket looks so handy and useful, and a great way of storing everything when I dose off!  This will definitely help anyone who is having organization problems!


5. Record Bowls

Set the party spinning with these classic LPs turned into decorative bowls.

I adore anything and everything vintage, and what’s more vintage than bowls designed to look like records?  These bowls are so adorable, and so useable at the same time!  These would be great to serve food at a home party, and they could fit anyone’s style!


6. Gala Photo Display

Gather your favorite photos together on this stylish picture holder with a built-in succulent pot.

Yes there are many cute and awesome ways to display photos, but this is as cool as any other!  I love stands you could place on tables that hold photographs, they’re so bold and bright!  This could be used if someone is seeking frames or things to hold photos in!


7. Vintage Camera Pillows

These plush, vintage camera pillows are perfect for the budding or pro shutterbug.

These are so cute and stylish to place around anyone’s home, especially if you love photography!  These are such great home decorations if you have someone seeking pillows, and who loves taking photos!

What is your favorite of all these products?  Let me know in the comments or tweet me @candidlydarling I would love to know!  Thank you for reading my first gift guide for Blogmas, and I hope you liked it!



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