Blogmas | Festive Night in The City

I got to spend some time in Pittsburgh this weekend as usual, but this time at nighttime.  Let me just say that the Christmas displays are so festive, andI’m honestly in love with them.

There is this market of around the worlds, and every little stand represents ornaments and little trinkets from different countries. It was so cute.

Even though I have never skated, they also have the huge skating rink with a giant Christmas tree in the middle! Although it’s absolutely freezing over there, it looks so beautiful! Here are some photos below!


I got to walk around the market following my performance which I had been in rehearsals for three weeks for! And may I just say that our show was a large success! I was so happy for everyone in the show, because we truly put our hearts into our performances.

Since I’ve had rehearsals, I was very busy with many things. Thus, the less blogposts in the past week, sadly! After next week I’ll be publishing many more festive (and long) blogposts!

Here’s some photos from our show we did, too!


I adore the Christmas season, especially when living in the city! Everything is so warm and festive, even when it’s freezing outside. I love seeing all the Christmas lights and Christmas trees in all the cafes and restaurants, it just brings me and my friends in such a festive mood!

Christmas is the time of year to spend with your family and friends, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to in the past weeks. Shopping with my mother is really one of my favorite parts about the season! Though, Christmas shouldn’t be too commercialized! This is the time of year to be kind hearted, because there are many less fortunate people who sadly don’t have the things we are blessed with.

Remember to give, not just receive! Try donating to charity this month, or help anyone you possibly can! Put aside work when you can too, it’s very important to spend time with family. You never know if it would be your last Christmas with them. Have a wonderful day, and Merry Christmas Season!
What’s your favorite thing about the Christmas season? Tell me in the comments or tweet me @candidlydarling I would love to hear!



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