IT Cosmetics ‘Your Most Wished For Palette’ Review 

Hello loves!  One of the best gifts I received for Christmas was one I was actually not expecting to receive.  This was the IT Cosmetics “Your Most Wished For Palette”.  I was very surprised with this gift, and I want to give my own review on all of the products!

DISCLAIMER: Bare with me, this is my very first product review on my blog, and I am attempting my best at it. If you have any critiques, I ENCOURAGE YOU to please leave your thoughts in the comments!  Thank you! 

First Thoughts

I will admit that I was very curious when I received this palette.  I did not ask for it and I was very surprised with it, and I immediately opened it right up.  I must say, I was in love when I first opened it!

The first thing you see upon opening the little box are the two slides of eyeshadow, powder, and creme.  These eyeshadow are very smooth on the eyes, and are so simple to apply, with immediate effect.  The color shades vary with different, but gorgeous colors.  I myself have used a few of them already, and the colors stand out wonderfully and create stunning looks!

The next section of the box, is setting apart the eyeshadow slides, and revealing three brushes, along with these products: four Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector, Sunshine in a Compact, and Bye Bye Pores Pressed.  Personally, I have not quite used these products yet, but I definitely will at some point.  They all seem of high quality and I am looking forward to using the products.

The last section to open is the little drawer at the bottom of the box, which I was once again fascinated at.  This drawer unveils six simply lipsticks and three different blushes.  I fell completely in love with the lipstick colors immediately, and they are stunning casual colors that go with anything!  I have used all of these products already, and they go so well together on my skin, and I imagine others as well!  My personal favorite lipstick color is the hot pink!

Final Thoughts 

I must say, I absolutely adore this palette!  It has so many useful and wonderful products, that I can use for both casual and formal events.  This was certainly a gift I am very glad I received.

Would I recommend it?  I definitely would!  If you love the colors like I do, than this is a terrific purchase!   The products are so easily applied, especially with the provided brushes!  You truly will get your money’s worth with this purchase!

SHOP THE LOOK – IT Cosmetics Most Wished For Palette

Are you going to look into this palette?  Tell me in the comments or tweet me @candidlydarling I would love to know!


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