Hamilton on Broadway Review

Today’s post happened a few months ago, but I thought it would be a lovely story to share for my series!  I know a lot of you like Hamilton, and here is my story on how I saw the show, and my thoughts on it.  Enjoy!

On August 13th, I was lucky enough to see Hamilton on Broadway. I will not confide in how I got a ticket, mainly because I promised not to, but me receiving a ticket was truly a miracle from God. Here is my review on that Saturday matinée.  I have known, ever since I became a fan during previews, that Hamilton was an extraordinary show. Seeing it live, is much different from any experience you could ever have. I have seen many Broadway shows over the years, but I will say, Hamilton is the greatest show I have ever seen, and I would be surprised if any Broadway show to come is more incredible.

There were tears of shock, and pure joy that I shed throughout this show.  During Alexander Hamilton, the opening number, I was incredibly overwhelmed.  Hamilton is one of the greatest shows, simply because it is truly an art form on stage. The lighting and choreography make the show what it is. The new contemporary dance style is one of Broadway’s finest, and Hamilton shows this well. The choreography works perfectly with every scene, and it is amazing how the story can be expressed just through the ensemble, just as well as the main characters.

The biggest showstoppers, in my opinion, were “Yorktown/The World Turned Upside Down” and “Room Where it Happens”. The reason I believe these two numbers stop the show completely, is because of how they are staged. Yorktown is without a doubt the biggest number in the entire show. It is the turning point in the story, when the main characters are finally fighting for the country, and when they eventually achieve what they have strived to achieve throughout all of Act 1. For over twenty seconds only, there is a dance/battle break, this break scene makes the entire show what it is. This scene is so well choreographed and staged, that you could just feel being in the battle, and the dream of winning America as a free country. Without a doubt, experiencing this scene live is truly life changing theatre experience.

“Room Where it Happens” is more well-known as Hamilton’s showstopper number, all because of a few reasons. Throughout the entire show, Burr holds back and waits for it. Finally, in this number, we see Burr’s desire to be a part of the forming of our country. He is tired of Hamilton getting everything handed to him, while Burr can only stand back and watch. The choreography and staging make you feel his desire to succeed, and you can also fee; his growing hatred towards Alexander, which will eventually go beyond his control.


Spoiler Alert for the Final Number’s Staging

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” is personally my favorite number in the entire show. To me, it shows Hamilton’s legacy, and it brings into meaning, and Hamilton is not just about Alexander, but his wife Eliza, too. During the very end chorus, the staging is the most beautiful I have ever seen of any show. Eliza, in death, sees Alexander, and he takes her hand. Alexander leads her closer towards the audience, and she gasps, for hundreds of years later, she sees that she has told their story.

The next topic I would like to discuss, is the cast. Many people I know take a great disliking to Javier Munoz. Say what you want about Javier, but he truly is a great Hamilton. He blew me away throughout the entire show, and he is Hamilton for a reason. I had heard many mixed reviews on Hamilton’s Eliza Schuyler, Lexi Lawson, who was very new to the cast  at the time I saw the show. Some people loved her, some did not. Personally, I was very impressed by her Eliza. I could overall say she gave very cute characteristics to the character of Eliza, and her voice is very well-fitting in the show. I will say that her greatest point in the show, was when she performed the number Burn.

Renee Elise Goldsberry won her Tony for Angelica Schuyler, for a reason. She was absolutely incredible, witnessing her Satisfied live is a life-changing experience. Renee does not ever disappoint. Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos, were also amazing as I had expected. Jamine’s Peggy was very cute, and her vocals were beyond words as Maria Reynolds. Chris Jackson was an amazing George Washington, and his entire performance came together during One Last Time. Then there’s Sydney Harcourt and Andrew Chappelle. Sydney was a fantastic Burr, and you could feel his anger towards Alexander grow throughout the show, especially in Non-stop. Andrew Chappelle was on as Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson, and he was honestly the entire show. He was funny, and he was fierce in both roles. He should honestly be both roles full-time.

I am very thankful for having the chance to see the show.  I know tickets are near impossible to receive, but if you get the chance, definitely get them.  Thanks for reading!




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