5 Ways to Promote Your Blog 

In today’s post I wanted to talk about something I find a lot of Bloggers starting out will have trouble with.  This is the ways of promoting your Blog.  Last year at this time, I had a Blog, moreover a “business” Blog, where I would post Broadway reviews and such. The only problem I had, was that I had no idea how to promote it.  Sure, I had one post that got a lot of attention once, but that was only because my fellow Broadway friends retweeted it on Twitter.

Since then, I started my own personal Blog at the end of Summer of 2016, this one I use now.  As soon as I began this Blog, I started catching on to some solutions to promoting my Blog, that have really grown my traffic.  I would like to share some of these ways, as I feel it would make the world of Blogging easier for beginners.

1. Twitter Chats 

In the past, I made a post about My Top 3 Favorite Twitter Chats for Bloggers, which was actually my most highly viewed post of 2016.  In there, I list all of my favorite accounts that host chats.

In plain speaking, Blogger Chats are when someone, usually a Blogger, hosts a chat asking questions, and you have an opportunity to chat with fellow Bloggers.  This was how I personally met many terrific Bloggers, and how I receive a lot of traffic. I would say the best day for traffic, for me at least, is Sunday’s. Mainly because everyone is at home and has a chance to participate.

2. Comment Swaps

Twitter comment swaps are also terrific ways to receive not only traffic, but engagement.  My Favorite are #BloggersPromoHour hosted by @beccaxjayne (itsbeccajayne.com) and #CommentStorm hosted by @lazyblogging.
I myself have received so much engagement from participating in these chats. They give you a great way to discover new and fabulous Blogs, along with fabulous readers for your own!

3. Instagram 

This is a concept I’ve had trouble getting my head around completely, but I’ve recently gotten the hang of it.  Many Bloggers out there have the greatest themes and photos, thus awesome Instagram accounts. This can bring traffic to your Blog is you are aware of how to use it correctly.

Personally, I’ve just hit over 100 followers on my Instagram for my Blog, but I know I’ll figure it out eventually. If you’re a Blogger, you should definitely have an Instagram dedicated to your Blog.

4. Pinterest

This is another concept a lot of Bloggers I know, have an extremely hard time with.  Pinterest has been acclaimed (by who, I’ll never know!) to be a great way of promoting your Blog. Of course, there are thousands of users to Pinterest, and I personally love it myself.

The Blogging concept, on the other hand, is very difficult to grasp.  One article that did help me out though, is this one, by Morgan Timm. All you really need to do, is to pin things daily to your public boards, and pin the best photos and links to your Blogposts, too.  I myself have already received traffic from doing this, as I’ve just started!

5. Genuine Engagement

Being engaging in other people’s Blogs, could bring the engagement to your own.  Sometimes, the Blogs you enjoy reading, could in fact enjoy yours back!  It is always very important in the Blogging community to be genuine and real, because your Blog will (and should) usually express who you really are as a person.
Remember to always be kind to one another, the Blogging community is so loving!  I hope some of my tactics could help some of you Bloggers who struggle with promoting your Blog!  Good luck!





25 Replies to “5 Ways to Promote Your Blog ”

  1. I agree with all of these, especially Twitter chats and engagement! They’re the two best ways to find loyal followers and get to know other bloggers 😊 I’m also new to Pinterest so I’m going to read that article you’ve linked to as atm I’m just pinning and hoping for the best 😅 Thank you for sharing this lovely post! xx

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  2. This was such an informative read! I’ve started to get more involved with comment swaps and I’m building the courage to properly get into the talks but they’ve helped so much with my blog traffic. I love the community spirit amongst bloggers as well it’s one of the biggest perks from all this hard work!

    Thanks for sharing lovely! Xo

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  3. Great post! Another platform I find great for driving traffic and engagement towards my blog is Facebook Groups like Bloggers Tribe and U.K. Bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing the link to that Pinterest post though, the whole concept baffles me but I’m dying to try it out!

    Katie | lifewithktkinnes.com

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  4. I LOVE a good twitter chat- I find that sometimes you can just follow someone’s blog that you like, but then never really get to know them 1-1 so the chats are fab! Also I also spend a few hours a week reading blogs when and where I can- so many talented people on here 🙂

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  5. I struggle with IG and Pinterest too! It’s weird because before I started blogging I hated twitter and IG was by far my most used site and now I tweet all day everyday. I love a good twitter chat when I remember them, I’m the worst time keeper ever 😂 Xo

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  6. At first, it was so awkward to promote my blog prolly because I don’t have a big number of audience. Regardless, I still continue doing it because I have to start somewhere. I had to say, blogging community on twitter is da bomb dot com! All good and genuine people, I never felt so welcomed! I really adore these bunch of supportive people ❤ BTW, this is such a great post and great tips! Thank you for sharing xx

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog

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