5 Shows to see on Broadway this Season

I wanted to write this post since I myself am going to New York City this April, and it is going to be an incredible season for Broadway shows!  These below are my own personal picks, though there are many shows currently on Broadway and coming, I feel these are absolutely fantastic shows. 
I will also exclude Hamilton. I feel it is the best show you could probably see, but of course it is very difficult to see.  Thus, I will leave it out of my recommendations. 

1. Anastasia

Anastasia is the reason I am going to NYC this spring. It was a movie that meant so much to my grannie and I.  I have seen the videos of the show and it honestly looks better, factually, than the movie.  The story has always fascinated me, along with some awesome songs! It stars Christy Altomare, whom I’m very glad of getting to know recently, and she’s a promising new Broadway star!  It’s a show worth to see! 

2. Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812

Personally, this has become my favorite musical and show.  The music to this show is so electro, different, and simply incredible.  When you see the show, it will probably be the most immersive theatre experience you can ever have, but I won’t spoil it!  It follows a 60 page sliver of War and Peace, and trust me, it’s worth seeing!

3. Dear Evan Hansen

This is a show that I have heard is absolutely life changing.  There is something about this show that will change you and make you feel certain emotions, I’ve heard this from everyone I know who has seen it!  If I had the chance to see this show in New York I 100% would, solely on how amazing of a reputation it has at this point.  The cast album becomes available this Friday as well! I recommend giving it a listen when it does, as I’ve already heard a few great songs! 

4. Waitress

Back in August I got the opportunity to see this show with the original cast, and it was fantastic.  With music by Sara Bareilles, this musical was based off of the film of the same title, Waitress.  With Tony Winner Jessie Mueller still in the show, she gives a phenomenal and emotional performance.  The cast recording is a must to listen to, and it’ll probably have you crying at some point!  Still, this is probably the most heart warming show I have ever seen. 

5. Paramour 

Paramour made history as Cirque De Soleil’s very first Broadway musical.  I intend on seeing the show (finally) this spring, because I have been a big fan for a few months now!  This show has so many acrobats and it looks absolutely incredible, a great show to see if you don’t know too much about other Broadway shows.  I’ve been very lucky to get to know the shows star, Ruby Lewis, who gives a great performance overall!  I would highly recommend seeing this show as a New York tourist! 

Which Broadway show or shows are you looking forward to this season?  Let me know!




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