Something Rotten! U.S. Tour 

If you’re a fan of all things Broadway, theatre, even Shakespeare, than this is a show that you will find highly entertaining.  I have been so thrilled to see this show for sometime now, and so I recently saw it this past weekend.  This is one of the most funny, smart, and charming shows I have ever seen.  I have recently been listening to the cast recording nonstop, the songs are so catchy! This show absolutely made me fall in love with it, and here’s why. 

The show follows Nick and Nigel Bottom, who are trying to write a show greater than Shakespeare’s work. Mainly they discover what a musical is, and they go from there.  Making many musical references, along with parodying Hamlet itself, this show gives a hilarious side to Shakespeare, and a cool side as well.  The cast is absolutely fantastic, and they are all Broadway stars with impressive resumes; for a reason too!  

The show was honestly a lot better than I expected it.  Lets face it, some musical comedies can be very corny and quite exhausting.  Something Rotten on the other hand, gives a whole new meaning to musical comedies.  I honestly can’t see why or how this show recently closed on Broadway!  Hopefully it opens on West End soon, this show deserves to run!  

Overall, this was a very enjoyable show, with a spectacular cast and choreography.  I am the biggest lover of a well put together this show, and this was certainly one of them. Did I mention the audience gave over 3 minute ovations after most numbers?  Yeah, it was that good and fun.  I would definately recommend seeing this show on tour, especially since the tour basically just opened!  

Afterwards, I did get the chance to meet the cast, whom I’ve been a fan of for years.  I won’t show all of my photos, but here below is Adam Pascal, who played Shakespeare, and who was from the original Broadway cast of Rent!  




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