Finding Positivity 

Remaining positive at all times is almost impossible for anyone to achieve.  I mean, we all have our bad days.  Sometimes bad days aren’t so bad, sometimes they’re just plain awful.  Either way, it’s better to try to cheer up yourself, than to mope all day until you’re absolutely miserable.  

Everyday of your life, there is at least going to be something positive that happens.  Whether it’s caused by something or someone you love, or simply a happy thought in your head, you have that chance to find the positive.  It is so important to look for the positivity, mainly for your self.  Having positivity for yourself will make you such a happier person than you were yesterday.  

There are truly somedays where you just feel like being sad or grieving over something or someone.  This is for sure ok.  Sadness is a way for you to let out all of your emotions, and that is really great for yourself as well.  After the storm, try to find that positivity again. Listen to one of your favorite happy songs, watch a movie, think of happy memories, one of these is guaranteed to make to feel a little better, at least it does for me.  

I hope you can take some of these in thought, having that positivity in your life, I have learned is so important.  No one wants to be around a negative soul all the time. Although, you’re allowed to feel how you feel as well!  Stay happy and positive! 




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