Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day.  A very romantic and loving day for couples, yet a possible depressing day for those of us who are single.  Personally, I’ve never been devastated over being single on Valentine’s Day. There a heck of a lot more to the day than being in a relationship, after all!

For me, Valentine’s Day represents the time of year to wear those hot pink lipsticks that stand out.  From my pink nails, to my makeup, I’ve been embracing the day this year. I decided to treat myself to doing my makeup on a Saturday night alone, with some of my favorite products.  Here is my look!


  • Foundation – Bare Minerals 
  • Concealer – Bare Minerals
  • Eyes – Swamp Queen Palette by Grav3yardgirl (any metallic eyeshadow is my absolute favorite)
  • Lips – NYC Cosmetics 
  • Mascara – NYC Cosmetics
  • Eyeliner – Stila Cosmetics 
  • Powder – Urban Decay: Naked Illuminated Trio


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Even if you are single, embrace the little things, and curl up to a good romance film.




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