6 Things Every Shopper Struggles With 

Shopping is one top things women (and men possibly) enjoy to do.  I mean come on, some clothes are so gorgeous we can barely resist them.   Although, when you’re a very cheap person (like I am) shopping can also become a great struggle.  You know the feeling?  You see the most gorgeous top that you know would look perfect on you.  So you pick it up, and boom! The price tag is $45!  Immediately your dreams are crushed as you depresssingly put it back on the rack.
My mum has always told me that I’m such a scot with my money. Mainly because my grandmother who raised me was 100% Scottish, and she actually taught me to be careful with money. I proudly get that from her, therefore I’m one of the cheapest people in my family.  I’m constantly looking for discounts and sales, what can I say, I live for a good discount. Although, there’s always those pieces I just can’t afford. Here are the top 5 things I struggle with as a shopper. 

1. Which Store to go to

For me I have a list of stores I love to go to, but while shopping there’s only so much I can afford.  Therefore it’s always a struggle to choose which store to splurge my money towards.  There’s just so many good ones!  Personally, my favorites here in America are H&M, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21.  Their clothes are to die for. 

2. That Store That You Love, yeah it’s probably way too expensive for you

New York and Company has some of the best clothes that I love.  When I actually find myself looking at price tags, I almost want to cry.  This store is an example of very expensive stores that we all know and love, that always have the top noch clothes. Sure, we’ve all bought maybe one item before, but the truth is we probably can’t afford much more than sad.  Ugh, budgets. 

3. Which Item to Buy

So you’ve found two fabulous clothing pieces that you love, but you can only afford one. Sure you could do the Iny Meany Mynemo game, but does it really help? Probably not.  You’ll probably choose the cheapest, but if they’re the same price, than you’re definitely in big trouble. 

4. It Doesn’t Fit

It’s always heartbreaking to realize the item you want is not in your size. It’s even more heartbreaking to be trying one on and it doesn’t fit.  It’s like the whole world just comes crashing down. You search and search, maybe you’ll find one that fits, maybe you won’t. Maybe one day there’ll have it in my size, you have to say. 

5. Standout Item

There’s always going to be an item that you love, but everyone else seems to hate. When I would shop with my mum, there would always be something I loved that she thought looked dreadful.  Do others opinions really matter?  With fashion, it actually might.  Although if hit sdtiously adore a piece and your friend with no fashion sense doesn’t, buy it!

6. Shopping For Hours

I’m the type of person who loves to shop for hours at a time.  On Black Friday, you basically have to drag me out of the mall.  There’s just so many great stores, that will have deals, and you don’t want to miss a single one.  I always make it a habit to go to my favorite stores first, but I’ll also find myself going in others because the windows say SALE. Lets face it, shopping can go by real quick when you’re having fun. 

I hope you could relate to at least one of these!  Shopping is hard as a budgeted person. 




12 Replies to “6 Things Every Shopper Struggles With ”

  1. This post is so relatable! I always find when I have money I can never find my size or a good store to shop in but as soon as my bank is crying at me, all beautiful clothing appears!

    Abbie xo

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  2. Next time you visit NYC, you should really visit thrift stores! I have amazing luck at Goodwill- You can find all the brands you mention there, esp New York and Co at amazing prices! And yes, the clothes are used but the quality is usually very good! Thrift is the only way I stay in style in NYC. I’ve found amazing designers -Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg- who I could NEVER afford at Goodwill for less than I nice dress at H&M! Serious!

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    1. Yeah we have those here where I live! Yeah my best friend recently went to thrift book stores and antique stores in NYC so I definitely want to go see what they’re like! Especially since they closed my local half priced books 🙄🙄


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