Weekly Roundup #1

This is a little series I’ve decided to start.  I’m not entirely sure if I’ll do this every week, but it’s something I’m happy to be writing.  If you are keeping up with my Blog, you may have noticed my lack of posting more than once a week.  I’ll explain why. 

I am in rehearsal for a musical which opens at the end of this month, so I don’t have much time to write.  When I’m free, I’ve been setting up interviews with Broadway stars, and applying for jobs.  I’m applying to become a theatre reviewer and interviewer for websites, and so far, it’s going well.  It’s something I know I will enjoy doing, whether being paid or not.  I’ll probably be posting once a week until April, just to let you all know. 

Now, I want to share a story from this past week that I feel should be shared.  

The other day while I was in class, the teacher was out sick, so one of the upperclassmen came in to talk to some of the girls.  I am a very quiet person, so I barely talk to anyone at my school.  This guy then says hi to everyone, and he asks my name. I tell him, he asks “Do we know each other?” I answered not really.  He then proceeds to introduce himself to me, his full name, not even to be funny to his friends there.  It was very sincere, and I felt that from him talking.  He said it was very nice to meet me, and I said the same.  That was probably one of the most pleasant encounters I’ve ever had. 

Most people at my school are cocky, and overall rude just to be funny for their friends.  This guy was absolutely different.  Even though he was in the presence of his friends, he was nothing but nice to me as he introduced himself.  That is an example I feel every man (and woman) should follow.  So often are we too embarrassed to introduce ourselves to people we don’t know (myself included) and it is very important to do so, as you may gain a lot of respect.  I know I have nothing but respect for that guy.  THAT is the type of guy I want to marry one day, a gentleman.  

I hope some of you liked this story, it’s very short and simple, but it made my day.  I’ll try to post and write as much as I can, but I told myself I will not stress myself over my Blog. I love writing on here and I only want to write if I’m happy while doing so. 




3 Replies to “Weekly Roundup #1”

  1. I think more people need to read this post! It costs NOTHING to be a kind person! I strongly believe in being good for the sake of being good, and it warms my heart when people make nice gestures like this guy did! It can be scary approaching someone you don’t know, but most people really appreciate you showing an interest! And who knows, you might meet someone amazing- whether romantically or professionally or just socially- that way too! Lovely post, babe!
    Bisous, Faz

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