Remaining Calm

Have you ever had a moment where your mind is going all over the place, for no reason at all?  Or maybe, there is a reason.  I feel like this almost all the time.  Keeping your cool in public is extremely difficult at times, especially if you’re an anxious and nervous person.  

If you’ve been through a lot it’s very hard to just “be okay”, and often people don’t know this.  There will always be people who won’t be able to understand truly how others feel.  This is okay.  Some people just haven’t been through as much, or they don’t know what it’s like to be anxious, and you can’t blame them for not understanding.  Sometimes you just need to comfort yourself. 
Comforting yourself sucks, I gotta admit.  All you really want is for someone to talk to you, hold you, and just plain understand how you’re feeling.  We also need to know how to comfort ourselves when we don’t have this type of person around.  For me, writing down my thoughts in a journal is life saving.  I’ve honestly gone back and read some of my thoughts weeks later, and it’s remarkable how much our moods can change in a matter of times.  It’s very healthy to keep track of where your mind is at. 

Next week is two years since my grandmother passed away.  She was the person who understood what I felt and just held me when I was sad.  Losing that person isn’t easy, there’s no sugar coating it.   In these times, you should ask yourself: am I okay?  Sometimes, you’re really not.  When it comes to grieving, you need to just remember the good and fun memories with that person you’re missing.  Be sad about them on your own time, just don’t torture yourself over them.  They wouldn’t want you to be miserable. 

To sum this post up, it’s okay to feel how you feel.  You may not be okay somedays, and no one should blame you for that.  Your mind works it’s own ways, and sometimes you can’t control it.  In the end, we’re all going to be okay.




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