New York City on A Budget 

This was a highly requested post, and therefore I’ve decided to finally write it up! I have written up a New York City post before, but it didn’t include this topic.  This topic is the biggest thing when planning a trip to the city, and therefore it needs to be discussed!

If anyone has been to NYC or has planned on going, you know one thing: it is bloody expensive. In fact, NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world, yet millions of people live there.  Myself included in a few years.   I’ve been to the city a few times, and I am returning this summer.  Being raised by a very cheap Scottish grandmother, I learned her habits of trying to get everything for a bargain. When it comes to NYC, I know how to do everything the cheapest, and I’ve had experience with it.  I’ll share some of my tips on how to save the most money when visiting New York City.  


If you live in the U.S. you can probably take one of four ways to travel to the city.  You have options between a plane, train, car, and bus.  I have taken trains to NYC in the past, and I am taking a bus this time around.  The cheapest way to go in order from least to greatest would be bus, car, train, and plane.  Buses are very cheap, and although conditions may not be the best, the end result is worth it.  Driving yourself to the city is self explanatory, besides gas money it could be fairly cheap. Trains can be a little costly, but they are extremely comfortable, and quit luxuries at times.  Planes of course are the most expensive, as it is the quickest way to arrive, but it does have a price.  I would personally recommend taking a bus or train, they are both a little cheaper, but they can also be comfortable enough to sleep on. 


My biggest trouble with planning another trip to NYC, is the hotel.  Hotels in New York are extremely expensive, it’s rare to find one for under $160.  I’ve stayed in Upper West Side and the center of Times Square.  There’s a huge difference price wise.  Obviously, I paid a ton last time around because I wanted to experience Times Square fully.  I personally loved the location since I usually spend my trip seeing Broadway shows, and they’re just around the corner in Times Square.   

Upper West Side on the other hand is very quiet and cheap.  You can easily get hotel offers by using Groupon, as it’s a great app for that use.  Upper West Side is the kind of quiet section of the city everyone can enjoy.  


The cheapest way to go about eating in New York, is very simple really.  The city is known for its various pizza shops, and they’re all usually cheap and delicious.  The hot dog stands are cheap enough too, it’s worth it when you’re saving up your money.  Personally, I’ve only ever eaten pizza for dinner in the city! Once on my last visit I ate in Little Italy, and I won’t lie, it was very nice for a change. 

It’s safe to say, if you want cheap food, make sure you get pizza and the hot dog stands.  There’s also many different food stands around the city that you can find, but I guarantee you can find some cheap foods. 


The reason I go to NYC a lot, is I go to see various Broadway shows.  Now, Broadway is extremely expensive, and I have figured out all ways on getting cheap tickets.  As a matter of fact, I got a sold out ticket to Hamilton for $120 my last visit! There can be some major bargains that many theatre goers miss.  

My best advice on cheap tickets are Broadway discount websites.  These include TheaterMania, BroadwayBox, and various others.  I have personally used the two listed.  I got a $40 ticket cheaper than original price for Waitress with a BroadwayBox discount.  If you sign up for email on these sites, you will regularly be emailed new discount codes for various shows.  Another great way on getting cheap tickets is the famous TKTS booth.  On being in Times Square, you can go the day of and see which offers they have.  They usually have 50% off discounts, which is very cheap.  Finding cheap tickets can be easy if you know the right ways of doing so. 

Above all else, make sure you have fun in New York.  It is s very gorgeous and amazing city, and you can find almost anything that you’ll have fun doing.  Don’t limit yourself with money to the point to where it isn’t enjoyable, that’s the whole reason of your vacation!  




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