Weekly Roundup #2

March was quite the busy month for me indeed. I have been getting jobs, writing up Blogposts, and rehearing for my musical which opened last weekend.  I have so say hard work really does pull off, and it’s nice to see what you can accomplish when you put effort into something. 

I have been in rehearsals for over a month for Man of La Mancha in which I played a female version of the Innkeeper.  I was originally unhappy doing the show, but as I made friends, it became a very fun learning experience.  We opened Thursday and closed Sunday, and it was quite sad.  I surely do miss my cast already, we truly became a family.  I had a little solo in the show, which I grew better at performing each not.  There were about two mistakes made by my castmates on stage, and I immediately helped them and covered up for them. That is honestly one of the best things you can do in theatre, you just help each other out. 
Makeup was meant to be dirty and beaten up, and I believe our makeup artists did a fantastic job.  I actually did most of my makeup as well, and I was pleased with the end result.  My costume had the biggest sleeves, which at first were a little bit annoying!  Although, I did grow to like my costume over time, it wasn’t too uncomfortable to wear on stage.  The microphone went on the side of my face, and I had no difficulties with it at all.  The results were great in my opinion, and I adore the costume!

Theatre truly is the best thing in the world to me. It makes me enormously happy when I get to perform for an audience.  We didn’t have a crowd this time around, the show itself is lesser known, it’s understandable.  I am still happy we had the turnout we did, and I was even happier when some old friends turned up with flowers for me! Some people can really give you the nicest surprise.  Over all, it was a wonderful experience with some wonderful people, and I’m undoubtedly grateful for the show. 

Afterwards I made a very last minute decision to go away with my class on a religious retreat.  We went hours from home, where there was little to none cell service.  It was not as horrible as I thought I’d be just to talk about God and leadership.  It actually taught me quite a few things, and hopefully it left a positive effect on me.  It was also beautiful down there (when it wasn’t raining!) and I’m glad I got to walk around while I could and enjoy the scenery.  It was an experience, and I’m glad I went. 

I did partly go because I was recently stressed and terribly unhappy, but I must say I feel totally better now.  It really was a way to get a little escape from everything and just live for a few days.  Although I did become sick while I was there, it wasn’t the worst experience!  I am also going to Memphis, Tennessee this month, so it’s a wonderful travel year for me!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.  Remember to enjoy life, be thankful for all you have, and be the best person you can be.  It’s worth it!!




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