Spring Fashion Thing

You know when you wear the same outfits and you get sick of it? Yeah, I had that feeling the past two weeks. Thankfully this weekend I went to the mall and did myself some spring shopping. It is getting quite a lot warmer this time of month, and it’s getting a little tiring wearing sweaters and long sleeves. My new obsession this season is what everyone’s wearing: rompers. I went shopping looking for rompers, I found some, but unfortunately they were a little much over my budget of course. Although, I sure will be back when I have more money to buy some! Here’s some of the clothes I managed to get my hands on.

Charlotte Russe

  • Dress $5

There was  beautiful patterned dress on the $5 clearance wrack and I couldn’t resist buying it! I love any dress sales especially, and I’ll be wearing it when I travel to Memphis, Tennessee next week.

  • Shirt $5

There was also a shirt on the $5 wrack, and although it’s long sleeved, I thought it was super cute.


  • Two shirts for $10

H&M was having a major “two for one” sale the other day, and I’m glad I took advantage of it. I needed plain shirts, so I got these two for $10 all together, and I must say I love the colors. (With this choker I also got for $6!)

American Eagle Outfitters

  • White Shirt $9

AEO always has the best clearance wracks, and I found some great pieces this time around. This shirt is probably my favorite purchase of the week, it’s so airy and cool.

  • Choker Shirt $12

I’ve always wanted a choker shirt, and I finally found one that I liked!


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