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Recently (in fact today) I’ve seen tons of drama on some big blogger being exposed of buying bots/followers.  I decided to write up my own view on the touchy subject, mainly because of how relevant it is to being a blogger, you must have a large following sometimes.  

Having a large following is very sufficient to being a blogger.  You cannot really do many brand collaborations without having that over 10K following.  Maybe you have a larger following, and you actually earned that number from hard work and dedication. Now meet the people who haven’t.  There are large Bloggers, who get brand sponsorships weekly, who have get this, bought fake followers.  Yeah, seems crazy right?  It’s actually more common than you think.   In fact, your favorite blogger might have even bought theirs.  Seems kind of insane when you think about it. 

Now you should ask yourself, why can’t you just earn your followers?  Good question.  This is the very question I would have for these large “bot buying” Bloggers.  You’re not really a genuine blogger unless you’ve worked hard and earned all your readers and followers.  It’s only a number, and I know being a blogger, the numbers do matter, but not enough to be fake.  I myself am a small blogger with a following of under 1K currently, but I would never dream of buying followers to make myself look better.  I would much rather writing better content, earning those followers, and actually have interaction with my readers.  That concept sounds much better to me. 

Now, lets say these Bloggers that you do love, have been exposed recently.  Here’s a solution for them: own up to it.  Yeah I said it, just own up to your own bloody mistakes.  If a blogger like this does apologize and own up to it, we should do nothing but put it behind us and respect their apology.  You might never want to read their content again, but you sure should try to respect their apology.  

That’s all I have to say about this subject right now, hopefully there won’t be a follow up post.  Just remember to earn your following, and then you can be a blogger with actual interaction. 




14 Replies to “Buying Followers Talk”

  1. I totally agree with you. I think that if you truly love blogging than you would never do that. I’ve been offered a several time to buy Instagram followers and I said no every single time because why would I like to have a big number without any engagement? I always sad when I see things like that as so many small bloggers who tried there best to gain followers looked up to those who bought them and thought that they were doing something wrong. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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  2. What a mess all this was the other day! I don’t agree with buying followers at all and it makes me sad for the genuine bloggers slogging their arses off only to get overlooked by “Big bloggers” that brands have neively wanted to work with because of their “following”. Although, you don’t ALWAYS need a following over 10k in order to get brand collabs. I have 6k on Twitter and 2.5k unique blog followers and I’ve luckily had lots and lots of brand collabs. It’s very much down to the blogger – numbers matter to an extent but genuity and engagement and authenticity play a huge part too.

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  3. Totally agree with your point of view! It’s sometimes frustrating seeing people get great opportunities when they have bought followers and don’t have great content, but we would never get close to considering buying followers! I prefer having less or no collaborations but grow my blog organically, than having a tone of fake followers (that would make me feel so bad haha)!


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  4. Yeah I couldn’t agree more with this post. I liked that you acknowledged that if a blogger did get caught with the buying followers drama, just own up to it. Instead of bashing them in general, if they own up to it and take responsibility of their actions, we should not slam them with insults and hatred any further than they are already getting. One of my favorite bloggers of all – time owned up to it, she said, “hey you know what, I messed up, I bought my first 1k, haven’t bought any more since, it was wrong”, that is commendable to say.

    We aren’t perfect, we make mistakes, especially as new bloggers in this industry, so I’m all for owning up to it and moving past it, not bashing and hating constantly. Nevertheless, earning followers organically is the way to go! I earned my 1k on Twitter and Instagram ALL by myself and I am so proud of that!

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  5. I totally agree with you because it’s not fair for them to get all the credit when they’ve just bought all their followers. I wouldn’t buy followers because although I don’t have many followers , but when you achieve a milestone it makes you so proud and I wouldn’t be able to bear it if I’d bought them. I’d rather have hardly any genuine followers than fake ones xx

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  6. I agree with you so much! Rather than making a genuine connection with readers, buying followers seems to be the easy way out. A lot of people spend so much time and effort on their blog and don’t get any recognition despite the hard work which seems pretty unfair. I would 100% prefer to get ‘big’ without any shady means but just through my dedication. Hopefully the situation improves x

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  7. It’s so disheartening when you work really hard as a small blogger to build a following, connect with others and make great content and it’s overshadowed by ‘bot buying’ bloggers.

    I agree completely. If you’ve been caught out buying followers then at least be honest about it. What’s the point in hiding it when all you’re doing is discrediting yourself even more?!

    Each to their own I guess but the idea of buying followers bewilders me.

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  8. I totally agree. I really enjoy blogging and I can’t imagine ever buying followers or anything. I also get people on Instagram commenting about getting followers and I just think why would I do that? Why would I want a huge following if I wasn’t getting the engagement? This was a really interesting read for something so strange going on in the blogging community at the moment.
    Lois x

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  9. It is true that I find it unfair when bloggers get massive opportunities while they are no genuine and smaller bloggers who really work hard can’t even enjoy the same benefits. But the problem of fake followers doesn’t only comes from bloggers buying them but also from companies selling them and also the change in algorithm… it made is so hard to grow organically. I would never buy followers coz I think it is unproductive and a waste of time but I would not condemn someone who did and then apoligized, as you said; xx corinne

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