Things I Did in Memphis, Tennessee

I got the lovely opportunity last weekend to go visit some of my family down in Memphis, Tennessee. I must say, I fell in love with the city and culture! Cities are my absolute favorite places to explore, and Memphis was no exception!

As the home of Rock N’Roll and Blues, Memphis is truly a city of music! The first night I arrived my family and I went straight down to Beale Street, which has quite a New Orleans vibe. On Beale Street you’ll find mostly bars, Blues restaurants, live music, and BBQ! Barbecue is the it thing in Memphis, and although I personally don’t like BBQ, it does smell amazing everywhere!  Here is my experience in Memphis and also so awesome ideas to do if you ever visit!

I have to admit that Beale Street was probably my favorite part of the whole trip, it was so fun and relaxed. We ate at Alfred’s Restaurant at the end of the hectic street, and got great seats on the outside rooftop bar. I couldn’t help but feeling totally relaxed, the south really has that feeling! The hamburger I ordered was awesome, too. After the sunset, we went back to our hotel, after a long day of flying on airplanes and partying, it was a great day!

The next day was spent entirely with family, and my parents and I went to the famed Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley. I’ve loved Elvis since I was a kid (mainly because we share a birthday, January 8th!) and even though I’m not a huge fan as some people, it was very interesting visiting the place where he lived with his family. The one thing I didn’t enjoy was the fact that you wear headphones the entire time, and carry a tablet with you. This tablet is an audio tour through every room, giving history about the rooms. Although it was very useful, it was annoying! The best part, was getting to see Elvis’s grave, and how beautifully it was placed.

Although I didn’t get any photos inside, we then went to the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid in Memphis. It’s amazing inside! They have a Bass Pro Shop, restaurants, and even a hotel inside! It’s so weird seeing a pyramid in a city, but it was pretty cool!

Sadly, this was all we got to do in Memphis! I’m very grateful to have gone on this fun trip, and to see my family! I would definitely recommend going to Memphis, it’s a wonderful city!

Where’s one place you’d love to travel?  Tell me all about it!!




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