Blogging When You Really Don’t Want To

Blogging can sometimes feel like a chore.  As a blogger, I’ve often had this feeling myself.  I adore blogging with all my heart, but some days I am really just not feeling my mojo.   I want to publish at least one Blogpost a week, but sometimes it is too much to tackle.  There is a point when you just need to relax and not over stress yourself, this includes putting aside blogging, too.  

After I got back from my recent vacation, I was drained from blogging, and for no apparent reason. I’m not sure if it was the jetleg, or post travel depression, but blogging was the least thing I wanted to do for about a week.   I took off writing my weekly article for Affinity Magazine, and postponed writing my Theatre reviews.  I just couldn’t do it.  Was this a bad thing?  In my mind it was.  Was it really though?  No, it wasn’t bad at all.  

From my experience, you writing will not be as good and genuine if you are simply uninterested.  If you feel you have to write that weekly Blogpost, it really isn’t fun, is it?  As I’ve seen through Twitter, this is an issue a lot of bloggers have sometimes.  We all need to take a break from time to time and collect ourselves and our thoughts.  Yes, blogging is a place to put your thoughts and expressions, but sometimes we just need to keep it within us.  

If you really don’t want to Blog, then don’t. Blogging is supposed to be fun and happy, not forced and tiring.  Always Blog when you are passionate in doing so, not when it makes you miserable.  The same goes for writing any paper or article.  Writing isn’t as good when it’s not genuine!




One Reply to “Blogging When You Really Don’t Want To”

  1. Such an honest post, I’ve felt like this a few times but I’ve put it down to being so busy with exams that I feel forced into having to regularly post. Once I finish on Monday I’m sure things will go back to normal. Great post though!

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