ColourPop, Worth The Hype?

I have been DYING to order some ColourPop lipsticks for a few months now. After seeing my friends wear them and listening to them praise and praise and praise. Since there was a spring sale last week, I finally decided to place in my order. They arrived in about four days, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I intend on ordering more of their products in the future, and I would honestly recommend everyone checking out their website. An awesome thing would be if they made stores worldwide!


I ordered this shade because I adore the nude/pink shades, and Chandelier was the best purchase in this area. I have to say it’s probably my favorite of all three that I bought. It was the first one I’ve actually worn out in public, and I was obsessed with the formula of these lipsticks.
The formula is so smooth on your lips, and it honestly feels amazing. When it dries (which is really quick, by the way) it is so detailed.

Considering the cheap prices of ColourPop, the lipsticks look expensive. Even though they’re really not! Overall I think this shade applied really well with my skin tone, and I was over joyed with the results.


I’ve had my eye on this shade for a while. It looked like a color that would best suit me, so I decided to buy it. I have to admit that Alyssa is very similar to Chandelier when you first put them together. Although, once you apply them they’re much different in tone. Alyssa was actually darker than I expected, but it wasn’t too dark.

I love the color of this shade, it gives such a casual tone. It can really work with many different eyeshadow tones. Once again the formula is amazing, and I couldn’t be more obsessed.

Dirdy Birdy

Last but certainly not least, I bought one of ColourPop’s new metallic lipstick shades. I personally have never owned any metallic lipsticks, although I’ve been obsessed with looking at LimeCrime’s on their website.
I adore this shade, it has a purple/pink tone to it. It does possibly take two layers of coding to make it look more “full”, though. Besides the fact, it’s definitely a new line of ColourPop liquid lipsticks to die for.

What are your favorite ColourPop items?


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